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In this steampunk opera, set in the year 2070, Guy Donalson meets a hologram therapist who sends him on the ride of his life — his selfish, screwed up, almost irredeemable life.

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The Cast
Sidney Williams as William Thomas, Guy’s Father & Operator 1
Gary Perez as Guy Donalson
Joanna Whicker as Caroline, Snow Cone Kid & Kid Next Door
Kelley O’Donnell as Guy’s Mom, Operator 2 & Park Lady

Directed by Charles Goforth

Written by Joey Palestina

Joey Palestina is an actor, writer and musician from Montclair, New Jersey. He graduated from Montclair State University with a BFA in Acting and an MA in Mental Health Counseling. Joey is a LAByrinth Theater Company member as well. His first full length play, Wave_Head was showcased at LAB's 2021 Barn Series Readings. Guy Donalson is Joey's first audioplay and he is forever grateful for the chance to hear his words come alive. He would like to thank the cast for putting their hearts into this piece, Emily Bubeck for her support and organization, and producer/director Charles Goforth for his dramaturgical guidance and support throughout the process of writing this piece. Upcoming projects for Joey include a recurring role in HBO’s We Own This City, written by David Simon and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, a new electro pop band called Paultra Violet and the comedic animated series, Mental Fläuse which can be found on YouTube.

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