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Clementine wants to be a mother but cannot carry a pregnancy. When she commits to adopting
a baby, she undergoes
a frightening transformation. 

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The Cast
Andrea Syglowski as Clementine
Jeff Biehl as Peter
Paula Pizzi as Christine
and Juliet Brett as Kylie the Birthmother

Directed by Charles Goforth

Written by Kaethe Fine 

Kaethe is a NYC native, playwright, poet, and actress, currently starring in the TV pilot, Do Nothings. Her Wollstonecraft Live! was published by Aurora Metro, London, 2022. She co-wrote the book for Therapy Rocks, NYMF 2010. Motivation for the Meat of Life, was produced at HERE's Livingroom Series and The William Redfield Theater. A Factor of 2, was part of LAByrinth Theater Company’s Barn Series, featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman. Other plays, Everywhere & Constant, The Monitor and Vows, were developed with The LAB, Ridge Theater, La Mama, etc., and RADA, in London. Kaethe was in The Chosen, a feature film with Rod Steiger and Maximillian Schell. She holds an MA in Writing for Performance, Goldsmiths College, London, and a BFA in Filmmaking, SUNY Purchase, where she made award-winning, super-8 short, Clearing, shown on PBS.

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