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Kishori has died recently and left her husband and poet daughter with a struggling family restaurant. But how will they save it when they no longer understand what it is?

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The Cast
Rahoul Roy as Ranjan
Lipica Shah as Gauri
Imran Sheikh as Adam

Directed by Charles Goforth

Written by Dipti Bramhandkar


Dipti Bramhandkar is an Indian-American writer exploring the space between prose and dramatic writing through the lens of the immigrant experience. The last few years have been exceptionally busy: her solo show American Rookie was produced by Luna Stage and had a sold-out, extended run. Her play Islands of Contentment was produced by Hypokrit Productions and The Tank (featuring Daphne Rubin-Vega, Laura Gómez, Danny Pudi and more.) She was the playwright in residence at Guild Hall, which also produced her pandemic-inspired collection, A Land Without Weather. She wrote twenty audio stories during the pandemic which were featured on WNYC. Juggerknot Theater Company produced an interactive solo play, Mrs. Asha, nominated for best performance by Proscenium.  Her autobiographical play, Feet in the Forest Leave No Mark, was produced with Narativ UK. 24HourPlays invited her to contribute a monologue, How to Beat a Curse. Her musical play, Where Are You Going Alone, Little Girl? was produced in Mumbai, India. Currently, she is working on a new play, Is There Even Porn in India?, which was workshopped in London and will be presented in LAByrinth's Barn Series this April. She received her B.A. from Cornell University and M.A. from Cambridge University (both in English literature.) She 'daylights' as the Head of Strategy, North America for Iris Worldwide.

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