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Clementine wants to be a mother, but she can't carry a pregnancy. She commits to adopting a baby, but before a baby is found, she undergoes a frightening transformation.  

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Andrea Syglowski
Jeff Biehl
Paula Pizzi
and Juliet Brett

Written by Kaethe Fine 

Kaethe is a NYC native, playwright, poet, and actress, currently starring in the TV pilot, Do Nothings. Her Wollstonecraft Live! was published by Aurora Metro, London, 2022. She co-wrote the book for Therapy Rocks, NYMF 2010. Motivation for the Meat of Life, was produced at HERE's Livingroom Series and The William Redfield Theater. A Factor of 2, was part of LAByrinth Theater Company’s Barn Series, featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman. Other plays, Everywhere & Constant, The Monitor and Vows, were developed with The LAB, Ridge Theater, La Mama, etc., and RADA, in London. Kaethe was in The Chosen, a feature film with Rod Steiger and Maximillian Schell. She holds an MA in Writing for Performance, Goldsmiths College, London, and a BFA in Filmmaking, SUNY Purchase, where she made award-winning, super-8 short, Clearing, shown on PBS.

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